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Get Certified with Wati!

  • 🌟Highlights:

  • Gain Expertise in profile management.
  • Master Automation for efficient responses.
  • Enhance Outreach via effective broadcasting.
  • Leverage powerful Analytics for results.

  • 🚀Fast-track your growth with Wati Certification. Dive in now!
Acedmey Watu

Get Certified with Wati Academy! 

  • 🌟Highlights:

  • Gain expertise in profile management.
  • Master automation for efficient responses.
  • Enhance outreach via effective broadcasting.
  • Leverage powerful analytics for results.

  • 🚀 Fast-track your growth with Wati Certification. Dive in now!
Acedmey Watu

Over 8,000 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of Wati.
“Highly customisable and friendly”
We work in the hotel business, so keeping in touch with people travelling is very easy using WhatsApp. Wati help us to have multiple people answering guests. It also allows us to automate basic replies such as the address

Eduardo Zeballos

Marketing Manager, Hotel Rosario
“Great product for early-stage startups”
Wati is flexible, unlike a lot of other WhatsApp business solutions out there. As an early startup, we work on Google sheets and website forms. We do not have phone support. WhatsApp is our only support channel. Wati helps us manage customer interactions on WhatsApp seamlessly at a very reasonable cost.

Pradeep Dodle

Co-founder, Superfone
“Excellent Product”
Its Dashboard is user-friendly. All tools are very simple to integrate. It’s absolutely a no-code tool. Especially its Integration with Zoho CRM has helped me a lot to uplift my Marketing.

Harish Neotia

Incubatee, Startup Incubation and Innovation Center, IIT Kanpur.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

  •  What is Wati Academy?

  • It is a free online course that empowers businesses to leverage WhatsApp as a communication and growth tool. We provide in-depth training on setting up a WhatsApp Business account, engaging customers, and utilising advanced features to drive business success.
  • Who can enrol in Wati Academy?

  • Anyone interested in mastering WhatsApp for business communication can enrol, be it small business owners, marketing professionals, or individuals looking to broaden their digital communication skills. Our course is tailored to cater to all levels of expertise.
  • Is there any cost associated with enrolling in the course?

  • No, the course is entirely free. We aim to provide accessible education on utilising WhatsApp for business, removing any financial barriers to learning.
  • How can I earn a certification from Wati Academy?

  • After completing the course and passing the final assessment, you will receive a certification from Wati. This certificate is a testament to your newly acquired skills and expertise in managing WhatsApp for business communication and growth.

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